Born On This Day – February 21, 1925

Sam Peckinpah - Camera

“You can’t make violence real to audiences today without rubbing their noses in it. We watch our wars and see men die, really die, every day on television, but it doesn’t seem real. We don’t believe those are real people dying on that screen. We’ve been anesthetized by the media. What I do is show people what it’s really like—not by showing it as it is so much as by heightening it, stylizing it. Most people don’t even know what a bullet hole in a human body looks like. The only way I can do that is by not letting them gloss over the looks of it, as if it were the seven o’clock news from the DMZ. When people complain about the way I handle violence, what they’re really saying is ‘Please don’t show me; I don’t want to know, and get me another beer out of the icebox.’” –Sam Peckinpah


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